Transformation or Independence? Book review

book transformation or independence

Marek Jan Chodkiewicz, in his latest book "Transformation or Independence?" presents a unique perspective on key moments in Poland's recent history. With extraordinary precision and commitment, the author analyzes the concepts of "transformation" and "independence," which became cornerstones of Polish socio-political reality in 1989 and beyond.

Between the Words: "Transformation" versus "Independence."

Chodkiewicz begins with an in-depth analysis of the term "transformation," which was often used by intellectuals to describe the changes in Poland after 1989. The author points out that although the transformation was visible in social and political life, it did not fully reflect the spirit of the struggle for independence. He stresses that the word "independence" carries a much stronger emotional and historical charge, which was overlooked or minimized by some.

Continuity or Break with the Past?

The book guides the reader through the social and political processes in Poland after 1989, noting the continuity - intellectual, personal, institutional - with the pre-transition period. Chodkiewicz analyzes how this continuity affected perceptions of the country's independence and self-reliance. He poses the question of whether there really was a full break with the past, or whether the transition was just another stage in the long road to true independence.

Independence in Chodkiewicz's Capture

The author is not afraid to pose difficult questions about what independence is and should be for Poles. His narrative reflects a deep conviction of the need to defend national identity and sovereignty. Chodkiewicz not only analyzes the past, but also sheds light on the future, emphasizing the importance of independence for contemporary Poland.

Conclusions: Sustaining the Spirit of Independence

"Transformation or Independence?" is a work of fundamental importance for understanding the Polish road to freedom. With great erudition and respect for history, Chodkiewicz paints a picture of a Poland that stands at the crossroads between past and future, between transformation and true independence. His book is a voice in defense of the Polish narrative, sovereignty and national identity that is sure to provoke much discussion and reflection. It is a must-read for anyone who values historical truth and patriotic values.

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