Mr Roman Dmowski

Roman Dmowski - Biography

Roman Dmowski was born on 9 August 1864 in Kamionek, near Warsaw, in the then Kingdom of Poland, which was under partition. His youthful years were spent in the shadow of Russian rule, which had a significant impact on shaping his [...]

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flag of poland

What is conservatism?

Conservatism, as an ideological, philosophical and political current, has played an important role in shaping societies and politics over the centuries. It is a belief deeply rooted in the social structure, with its origins in the desire to preserve traditional values and [...]

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Pope John Paul II

saint john paul II - biography

John Paul II, born Karol Joseph Wojtyla, is one of the most influential and respected figures in the history of the 20th century. His pontificate was groundbreaking not only for the Catholic Church, but also for world history. A well-known [...]

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